We accept blog posts under the rules of Völkerrechtsblog, but with some revisions according to our blog’s context.

A word on content and style

We welcome posts from a variety of perspectives on legal development in Uzbekistan. With our main aim to foster scholarly debate, recentness of the topic is not the decisive publication criterion. While posts focusing on current topics and questions are always welcome, we are equally interested in contributions dealing with more theoretical and foundational questions.

Blog posts are shorter, more informal and freer in style than traditional journal articles (see for the formal requirements below). They are also more argumentative and a good format to test new ideas and work in progress. Given the shortness of the blog format, we ask our authors to avoid long and general introductions and get straight into the argument. Usually, it is helpful to make clear in the first paragraph what the post is about, i.e. what the argument/idea/tested hypothesis is.

To catch the reader’s attention, we invite authors to chose a clear and/or catchy title. UzbeksitanLawBlog uses headings and subheadings. Use the subheading for important information on the issue dealt with in the post (e.g. name of court decision); be creative with regard to the (short) main heading!

Formal requirements Blog posts are received at editorial-team@uzbekistanlawblog.com

  • Submissions is accepted only in English.
  • Blog contributions should be around 1000 words, we happily accept texts with up to 1500 words.
  • Please submit your text in word format.
  • The text should be clear in style and structure. Usually, sections with sub-titles are helpful.
  • Please use hyperlinks rather than footnotes for references. (There might be well-founded exceptions to that.)
  • Please send us your picture which must be royalty-free, e. free for us to use. Please also provide us with a brief paragraph on your current institution and occupation (max. two sentences).
  • We are happy to publish an image alongside your text. Images from online sources can only be used if the license permits the publication on the blog. This could be e.g. a Creative Commons license like CC-BY-SA. Please submit this information (source, name of photographer, license details).

Parallel submissions

Please note that we strongly prefer exclusive submissions. However, if you are submitting a text to several blogs in parallel, please indicate this explicitly in your first email to us. Cross-posting may be a possibility under specific circumstances.

Procedure Texts go through an editing process, which usually includes a blind peer-review. Despite this thorough process, the time it takes from submission to publication is generally short. Especially for contributions on current developments, we do our best to ensure a swift process. Please mention in your email if your submission concerns a current development.