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Interplay Between Tax and Competition Law vis-à-vis Yandex Go’s Pricing Strategies

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Abdulaziz Janturaev Image source: The recent developments surrounding Yandex Go’s operations in Uzbekistan, particularly the company’s shift in tax residency and subsequent adjustments to service fees, warrant a critical examination through the lenses of both tax and competition law…. Continue Reading →

To what extent is citizens’ access to constitutional justice ensured?

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Tolib Rakhmonov Image source: Introduction As in many democratic countries, state power in Uzbekistan is based on the principle of separation of powers into legislative, executive, and judicial. The judiciary, being independent, has a complex structure. The Constitutional Court… Continue Reading →

Problems surrounding the loan agreements and debt recovery in Uzbekistan

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Bakhromjon Mukhammadiyev Image source: 1. Introduction The analysis of statistical data on cases related to debt collection shows that the number of conflicts in this category in court practice is increasing year by year. For example, in 2020, the… Continue Reading →

Proposals regarding the development of the criminal punishment system for minors

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Komron Tursunmurodov Image source: The formation of the juvenile justice system and the codification of legislation on the rights of the child are one of the main goals of the Development Strategy. In this regard, this blog post provides… Continue Reading →

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