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Unending environmental violations of Uzbekistan: real causes and alternative solutions

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Written by Sarvarbek Abdullaev Image source: In recent years, the development of urbanization and the construction of new objects seem to have turned into a struggle against nature. Undoubtedly, the construction of social infrastructure and new buildings will always be relevant,… Continue Reading →

“Open Skies” Policy and Uzbekistan: Legal Analysis

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                                                                                                  Image source: Shakhriyor Abdubakiev.  Currently, the “open skies” policy is in force at airports located in many countries of the world.  What is the position of Uzbekistan in this regard?  What can be observed from the legal policy of our government… Continue Reading →

Electing governors. Potential legal problems, solutions and benefits of it

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Sarvarbek Abdullaev Image source:   President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who came to power in 2016, is committed to strengthen the role of governors in Uzbekistan. Before that, their influence was decreasing year by year, but now they have are being given more power. This, of course,… Continue Reading →

Did Uzbekistan Draw Proper Conclusion from Romak Case in Drafting its BITs: Legal Analysis of 2017 Uzbekistan-Turkey BIT

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Mironshoh Murodilloev Image source: Background of the problem Sometimes drafters make errors making legal treaty to be enormous opening a gate to future disputes between investors and the host state. One of such errors leading to subjective ambiguous interpretation… Continue Reading →

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