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Should Uzbekistan allow dual citizenship?

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Shaxrizoda Mamasolieva Image In January-September 2020, the number of foreign citizens who came to Uzbekistan for tourist purposes was 1.4 million, and the number of Uzbek citizens who went abroad was 1.6 million. In particular, the number of Uzbek going… Continue Reading →

Legality of Taliban’s new Qosh Tepa canal from Amu Darya

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                                                                                                                             Shahriyor Abduboqiyev Image source:  Introduction.  Until now, Afghanistan has practically not used the Amu Darya due to long-lasting internal wars. In the 1980s, the Soviet Union distributed Amu Darya water, giving priority to the interests of the downstream Uzbekistan… Continue Reading →

Development of TK, TCEs, and GRs in Uzbekistan: the need for the adoption of the new law

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Shaxrizoda Mamasolieva Image source: WIPO In recent years, indigenous peoples, local communities, and governments have been demanding the protection of intellectual property forms of free traditional creativity and innovation considered public domain and a fee for any use under the… Continue Reading →

What are the benefits of “ex officio” for Uzbekistan and the concept of “parallel import”?

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Jamshid Turdibekov Image source: Protecting intellectual property rights at customs is so essential that it could prevent importing and exporting the infringed goods. Therefore, in today’s legal world, the regime of “ex officio” and the term “parallel import” is a… Continue Reading →

Women’s Rights in Uzbekistan: Legislative Problems and their Solutions

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Shaxrizoda Mamasolieva Image source: According to the USAID report on Uzbekistan’s efforts to protect women’s rights, although there are claims in the Constitution that equal rights are guaranteed, the opportunities for men and women are still not equal. Admittedly, women’s… Continue Reading →

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