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How did Uzbekistan settle its borders with Kyrgyzstan?

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Azizbek Toyirov, Tashkent State University of Law In Central Asia, due to territorial disputes among neighbor republics, friendly relations between the countries have been worsened. This blogpost delves into the progressive steps taken by Uzbekistan, focusing on the pivotal role… Continue Reading →

Digest of Uzbekistan’s Practice in International Law (October-December 2023)

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Umirdinov Alisher, Nagoya University of Economics Image source: MFA In many countries, scholars and government officials regularly publish about their countries’ practices in international law. In the United States, the Office of the Legal Adviser publishes the ‘Annual Digest’ of… Continue Reading →

Should Uzbekistan implement jury trials in the criminal justice system?

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Komron Tursunmurodov Image source: Deciding one’s fate is a difficult task. As humans are fallible, they tend to make mistakes. Judges are also humans, who make mistakes, which result in negative consequences. In this blog post, I will analyze and… Continue Reading →


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2023 was pivotal in public administration, signifying major governmental changes with a new constitution that reshaped governance frameworks and expanded the President’s mandate, indicating a shift in executive power. This digest focuses on state body reorganization, forming a more efficient government, and significant restructuring of the President’s administration office.

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