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Why do businesses evade taxes? Analysis of judicial practice in Uzbekistan

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Khojiakbar Abdusamadov Image source: As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society”. Uzbekistan also has a rich history of taxation. Since the time of the Arab conquest, taxes such as “zhuzya”, “hirozh”, “wa-zifa”, “zakot”… Continue Reading →

AI vs. Copyright: Navigating the Legal Maze of Generative AI Content Creation

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Farangiz Bakhtiyorova Image source: Introduction These days generative AI systems find widespread application not only in Uzbekistan but also globally across diverse professional domains. Generative AI is a set of “foundation models used in AI systems specifically intended to… Continue Reading →

Empowering NPOs: Overcoming Legal Challenges for Civil Society in Uzbekistan

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Farangiz Bakhtiyorova Image source: Introduction Non-government non-profit organizations (shortly known as NPOs) were officially recognized as such in Article 71 of the UN Charter. These organizations, whether working on a broad scale or locally, are instrumental in encouraging social… Continue Reading →

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